Used Benza Forklift

Benza Forklift has a wide range of used forklift hiring fleet, a full forklift maintenance - leasing plan for your special requirements, preventative maintenance agreements and sales of used forklifts, reach trucks and other material handling equipment.

Used Electronic Forklifts

  • Top-up of oils
  • Test & check wiring harnesses
  • Set creepy devices on PC board and accelerator
  • Set pluggy devices on PC board
  • Set and test materials handling current censors and travel current censors
  • Test Fail - safe device on controller
  • Check and test hydraulics cylinders
  • Check visually for oil leaks
  • Tightening of all floorboards and panels ( replacing of all missing bolts and nuts)
  • Set the tension and measuring of lift chains
  • Set steering mechanism and inspect for any possible defects
  • Cleaning of your forklift
  • Lubricating and greasing of all joints to prevent breakdowns
  • Check charge rate of battery charger that it is still complying with the battery specifications
  • Check the SG level of the acid in the battery
  • Check and clean the positive and negative battery poles
  • Check battery cables for any insulation breakage
  • Check all battery connectors

Used Mechanical Forklifts

  • Supply and fit of used forklift:

-Spark plugs
-Point (if any)
-Condenser (if any)
-Oil Filter
-Air Filter
-Fuel Filter
-Transmission oil filter

  • Check general condition & set tension on fan belts
  • Check and top up brake fluid, as well as repair any oil leaks (if any)
  • Check and top up differential, as well as repair any oil leaks (if any)
  • Change engine oil, as well as repair any oil leaks (if any)
  • Check spark plug cords
  • Check hydraulic hoses
  • Check steering mechanism for forklifts
  • Tighten all bolts and nuts, as well as replacing any missing ones
  • Test radiator coolant level & top up if necessary

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