Small Forklifts

When choosing the right forklift for your small warehouse you need to consider a few things.

You need to understand the type of loads you will be moving, the surface that the forklift will be operating on and the weight of the load the forklift will be carrying, just to name a few.

In a small warehouse you need to also consider the width of the isles the forklift will be moving through.

Thankfully there are some small forklifts that are designed to work efficiently in smaller spaces.

3 Wheel Electric

These small forklifts have an incredible turning abilities, these are perfect for in warehouses with narrow aisles that require excellent manoeuvrability on smooth flat surfaces.

Reach Trucks

A reach truck is a small forklift that offers you outstanding manoeuvrability and a substantial amount of lift height for such a relatively slender machine. Reach trucks have the ability to reach out using their forks, the reach truck is able to operate in very tight environments to heights as high as 13 metres without compromising stability and balance.

Stackers Compact

Stackers are small forklifts that are easy to use and highly versatile. Stackers have been developed to deliver exceptional productivity in every setting. They are ergonomic with an extremely compact design, coupled with a very narrow chassis and outstanding visibility, ensure excellent manoeuvrability in tight spaces, such as on board road vehicles or in block stacking.

Choosing the best forklift for the job shouldn't be difficult. Contact us for more guidance and information on small forklifts today