Forklift Service & Maintenance

It's important to deal with a forklift provider that can provide local forklift support to ensure a prompt response should any problems arise. Choose a forklift supplier that is locally owned and operated because locally owned forklift dealers have a stronger invested interest in looking after you.

Routine service and maintenance on all forklifts are crucial to the long-term performance and return on investment (ROI) of a forklift. As a result, the support of a quality forklift dealer is at the top of the list when evaluating machines — in particular the labour frequency of consumption and system support. Start by evaluating a forklift dealer's maintenance and post-sale support by considering:

  • Number and availability of professional service technicians
  • Accessibility of name-brand parts (both on-hand and delivered)
  • First-call fix rate and turnaround time

By factoring in the cost of time associated with the above items, you look past low service rates and achieve an accurate estimate related to the cost of your downtime and maintenance requirements.

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