Electrical Forklifts

Electrical forklifts; the more environmentally friendly option while still making a name for being highly efficient with many advantages. You’ve probably decided to invest in a forklift, but now stuck on the question of what type of forklift would be the best purchase. There are many reasons as to why electric-powered forklifts are a great option.

Advantages of Electrical Forklifts Include:

Environmentally-Conscious: electrical forklifts do not emit any toxic gasses into the atmosphere, meaning that you do not have to feel guilty about your environmental impact as your carbon footprint is actually reduced. These forklifts run on rechargeable batteries. Say goodbye to toxic gasses and fumes, as well as the need for ventilation to cool the machine down.

Decreased Noise Pollution: less noise pollution is emitted when compared to other forklifts. A quieter environment can increase production as employees are not surrounded by noise. Basically, no more headaches, no hearing loss over long-term use, and no more noise complaints from the community.

Indoor & Outdoor Use: between the reduced noise and the zero emissions, they can simply be used with ease anywhere needed. They can withstand cold and heat making them very versatile for any environment.

User-Friendly: electric forklifts, no matter the size, can be used easily. This makes it a safer machine for employees to operate. The machine stop moving as soon as the operator lets go of the accelerator.

Low Maintenance: maintenance is affordable and is required less often. They do not require oil to run and are less likely to fail or breakdown. This cost reduction can make a huge difference in the long-run. There’s also no need to spend money on engine coolants or other similar parts.

Increased Performance: no more refueling. These electrical forklifts can be conveniently charged during lunch breaks or when not in use, meaning that operation time increases, and more work can get done faster.

Bottom line, choosing an electrical forklift will not only reduce your carbon footprint, but also cut costs, save time, create a safer working environment, and make operations run smoother. Whether your operation site is big or small, this is the perfect addition to it.

Why not switch to electrical forklifts and create a more peaceful working atmosphere for everyone! At Benza Forklift, you can purchase or get your forklift repaired. We service and repair a complete range of forklifts, bakkies, trucks, vehicles, flunkeys, generators, and diesel welders. This includes electrical, electric, petrol, diesel & LPG applications.

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